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Penalty theory in dynasty puzzles

2022-07-27 04:44 -0400 puzzleslogic puzzlesmath

Nikoli-style pencil-and-paper logic puzzles, like Sudoku, Yajilin, and many more, have very simple rules. But you can often build puzzles that require thinking in really cool ways, seemingly totally unrelated to what the rules literally say.

Tier lists

2020-08-22 01:05 -0500 misc

Here I will rank the items of various lists by my opinion of good they are, which is of course objectively correct in all cases.

Factorial in Mathematica

2020-08-21 21:57 -0500 programmingmathematica

Here is a list of (mostly) increasingly stupid ways of calculating the factorial of n in Mathematica.

Names and renaming

2019-02-01 17:41 -0600 misc

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

—Phil Karlton