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Puzzles #12 (nurikabe, box, creek, mochikoro, tasquare, kurotto, nuribou)

posted 2020-07-07 15:00 -0500

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wedded seal 1: Shading Puzzles 1/2

This is the first post in a series in which I will attempt to create one puzzle in each genre implemented on puzzlink over the course of ~5 months, one puzzle a day. I'm going in order by category, so this is the first half of the Shading Puzzles category.

This series was inspired by @mstang, who is also writing one puzzle a day during this month in imitation of bachelor seal (who's written 3 puzzles a day for a very long time) -- so together we are wedded seal :P

(You can click the images to solve these puzzles with an online interface.)

nurikabe, difficulty ★★★

box, difficulty ★★★★

creek, difficulty ★★

mochikoro, difficulty ★★★★

tasquare, difficulty ★★

kurotto, difficulty ★★★

nuribou, difficulty ★★★★