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Key signatures

This is a list of all possible key signatures in traditional Western music, as well as the corresponding keys for each of the seven modes. It aims to be as complete as possible—nonstandard keys with double flats and double sharps are included.

What's a mode?

If you're not familiar with modes, you've probably heard the terms "major" and "minor." Roughly speaking, the seven modes are a generalization of this concept; Ionian mode corresponds to major, and Aeolian mode corresponds to minor. Wikipedia goes into greater detail.

Why did you make this?

Firstly, because I haven't found another resource on the internet that gives key signatures for all seven modes on all possible notes, including double flats and double sharps.

Secondly, because seeing all of them laid out in a chart like this reveals some interesting patterns. For example, it makes it obvious why the trick of reading the second-to-last flat to determine a major key works. And it makes it easy to come up with similar tricks—for example, going a half step up from the last flat gives the corresponding Mixolydian key.

Source code

The source code that was used to generate this page is available on Github.


Key signature Lydian Ionian Mixolydian Dorian Aeolian Phrygian Locrian
F𝄫Lydian C𝄫Ionian G𝄫Mixolydian D𝄫Dorian A𝄫Aeolian E𝄫Phrygian B𝄫Locrian
C𝄫Lydian G𝄫Ionian D𝄫Mixolydian A𝄫Dorian E𝄫Aeolian B𝄫Phrygian F♭Locrian
G𝄫Lydian D𝄫Ionian A𝄫Mixolydian E𝄫Dorian B𝄫Aeolian F♭Phrygian C♭Locrian
D𝄫Lydian A𝄫Ionian E𝄫Mixolydian B𝄫Dorian F♭Aeolian C♭Phrygian G♭Locrian
A𝄫Lydian E𝄫Ionian B𝄫Mixolydian F♭Dorian C♭Aeolian G♭Phrygian D♭Locrian
E𝄫Lydian B𝄫Ionian F♭Mixolydian C♭Dorian G♭Aeolian D♭Phrygian A♭Locrian
B𝄫Lydian F♭Ionian C♭Mixolydian G♭Dorian D♭Aeolian A♭Phrygian E♭Locrian
F♭Lydian C♭Ionian G♭Mixolydian D♭Dorian A♭Aeolian E♭Phrygian B♭Locrian
C♭Lydian G♭Ionian D♭Mixolydian A♭Dorian E♭Aeolian B♭Phrygian FLocrian
G♭Lydian D♭Ionian A♭Mixolydian E♭Dorian B♭Aeolian FPhrygian CLocrian
D♭Lydian A♭Ionian E♭Mixolydian B♭Dorian FAeolian CPhrygian GLocrian
A♭Lydian E♭Ionian B♭Mixolydian FDorian CAeolian GPhrygian DLocrian
E♭Lydian B♭Ionian FMixolydian CDorian GAeolian DPhrygian ALocrian
B♭Lydian FIonian CMixolydian GDorian DAeolian APhrygian ELocrian
FLydian CIonian GMixolydian DDorian AAeolian EPhrygian BLocrian
CLydian GIonian DMixolydian ADorian EAeolian BPhrygian F♯Locrian
GLydian DIonian AMixolydian EDorian BAeolian F♯Phrygian C♯Locrian
DLydian AIonian EMixolydian BDorian F♯Aeolian C♯Phrygian G♯Locrian
ALydian EIonian BMixolydian F♯Dorian C♯Aeolian G♯Phrygian D♯Locrian
ELydian BIonian F♯Mixolydian C♯Dorian G♯Aeolian D♯Phrygian A♯Locrian
BLydian F♯Ionian C♯Mixolydian G♯Dorian D♯Aeolian A♯Phrygian E♯Locrian
F♯Lydian C♯Ionian G♯Mixolydian D♯Dorian A♯Aeolian E♯Phrygian B♯Locrian
C♯Lydian G♯Ionian D♯Mixolydian A♯Dorian E♯Aeolian B♯Phrygian F𝄪Locrian
G♯Lydian D♯Ionian A♯Mixolydian E♯Dorian B♯Aeolian F𝄪Phrygian C𝄪Locrian
D♯Lydian A♯Ionian E♯Mixolydian B♯Dorian F𝄪Aeolian C𝄪Phrygian G𝄪Locrian
A♯Lydian E♯Ionian B♯Mixolydian F𝄪Dorian C𝄪Aeolian G𝄪Phrygian D𝄪Locrian
E♯Lydian B♯Ionian F𝄪Mixolydian C𝄪Dorian G𝄪Aeolian D𝄪Phrygian A𝄪Locrian
B♯Lydian F𝄪Ionian C𝄪Mixolydian G𝄪Dorian D𝄪Aeolian A𝄪Phrygian E𝄪Locrian
F𝄪Lydian C𝄪Ionian G𝄪Mixolydian D𝄪Dorian A𝄪Aeolian E𝄪Phrygian B𝄪Locrian